FAQ: Don’t geese poop a lot?

Seriously, the deck wasn’t even finished when the geese discovered that it’s a wonderful, safe place to nap.  Known now and forever more as “the poop deck”. Ugh!  Can’t we have anything nice around here?

Depending on the source, it’s been suggested that geese poop 1-3 lbs of vegetal matter per day.  Goslings seriously poop about once per minute, but adult geese can hold it for as long as 20!  In the picture above you can see that the goose on the right is walking away from a small pile of poop.  It was produced in about 30  minutes.

Read more about goose poop below:

“Geese crop plants with a robust bill where the lamellae (typically soft and flexible) have become heavily keratinised tooth-like serrations . In some species, the serrations are obvious in lateral view and form an area of the bill termed the ‘grinning patch’. Geese rely on rapid transit of large quantities of fodder, quickly expelling unwanted fibre and maximising energy intake by selecting the most digestible parts of favoured plants. Geese of some species can spend as much as 41-46% of any given 24 hrs eating: in some species (like Barnacle geese) this increases to 62% when other, competing species (like Pinkfeet A. brachyrhynchus) are present (Madsen & Mortensen 2008). Some goose species have been reported to spend as much as 17 hrs out of every 24 eating (70% of the day) when they need to rapidly put weight on during winter, and White-fronted geese will spend 90% of their active day foraging when food is scarce. Geese feed rapidly, pecking at rates of between 80 and 200 times per minute (Owen 1980). For comparison, bovids seem to eat for about 33-40% of any 24 hrs, and horses are reported to spend c. 50-66% of a 24 hour period eating.”

From:  Can you raise reindeer on goose shit? Amazing waterfowl facts part I. (2017). Tetrapod Zoology. Retrieved 13 February 2017, from http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2010/06/18/amazing-waterfowl-facts-part-i/

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