FAQ: Why do you have geese?

Geese are awesome!  Who wouldn’t love something that smells like a feather pillow?  Ooops. don’t tell them that. We (ahem) don’t talk about the goose down issue here.

Reasons to have geese:

  1. Feathered friends:  They are friendly beings who are always glad to say “hi”.  They are curious and want to “help” me with my yard chores- weeding, planting bulbs, eating a sandwich, chewing recycling.
  2. Faithful Guardians.  My son’s friend calls them “hell birds”.  They are better guardians than dogs.  They have keen eyesight and spot  and announce “invaders”, like visitors or the mail lady.  Ok, I can see that it’s terrifying to be hissed at and chased, but really, you just have to get to know them.
  3. Free and organic lawn care: 7 geese keep my 1.5 acres of lawn neatly trimmed and fertilized.  They don’t discriminate, so if given the chance, will also trim anything edible, so if plants are valued, fencing is needed.
  4. Keepers of the time: You can set your watch by goose activity as they are incredibly habitual.  And don’t be late for putting them to bed! They will find you and remind you that it’s time!
  5. Low upkeep: Compared with other barnyard animals, geese are relatively low maintenance. Given food and water to drink and bathe in, they will entertain themselves and keep themselves clean.
  6. Beauty.  Who needs a glass yard ball or a sculpture? Bright eyes, smooth, neat feathers, statuesque profiles. Geese are gorgeous!

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